Steez is finally launching his first event and he couldn't be more excited to extend an invitation to you if you live in the new york area. There will be everything from cheesecakes, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries to full on 2 tier cakes! If you don't follow me on instagram please do at @sweetsbysteez and grab your tickets before it's too late by clicking this hashtag and for more info. #sweetsbysteez

Photo: Steez in Cancun, Mexico

 I've been super neglectful to my blog and you guys, I'm sorry . Lots have been going on with me since I've actually blogged about life here . I'm now in a happy 4 year relationship with the love of my life Kidear, I've started up a successful baked good and sweets business entitled "Sweets By Steez" and even picked up a side retail job . I've gotten so comfortable working from home and for myself that I actually wanted to see how it felt to have a "real job" . I told myself I'd try it out for 1 year and next month on the 18th is the year mark . It's cool I guess though it's not for me i'm happy that i'm sticking it out for the full year as I set out to do . I've also been doing lots and lots of traveling with my partner of course living life and growing to better myself as a person .
I haven't been around to post a new piece in a long time, so here's one I entitled "Bitch."