Photo: Steez in Cancun, Mexico

 I've been super neglectful to my blog and you guys, I'm sorry . Lots have been going on with me since I've actually blogged about life here . I'm now in a happy 4 year relationship with the love of my life Kidear, I've started up a successful baked good and sweets business entitled "Sweets By Steez" and even picked up a side retail job . I've gotten so comfortable working from home and for myself that I actually wanted to see how it felt to have a "real job" . I told myself I'd try it out for 1 year and next month on the 18th is the year mark . It's cool I guess though it's not for me i'm happy that i'm sticking it out for the full year as I set out to do . I've also been doing lots and lots of traveling with my partner of course living life and growing to better myself as a person .
I haven't been around to post a new piece in a long time, so here's one I entitled "Bitch."

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