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by - 4/05/2016 06:42:00 PM

Photo: Steez in Cancun, Mexico

 I've been super neglectful to my blog and you guys, I'm sorry . Lots have been going on with me since I've actually blogged about life here . I'm now in a happy 4 year relationship with the love of my life Kidear, I've started up a successful baked good and sweets business entitled "Sweets By Steez" and even picked up a side retail job . I've gotten so comfortable working from home and for myself that I actually wanted to see how it felt to have a "real job" . I told myself I'd try it out for 1 year and next month on the 18th is the year mark . It's cool I guess though it's not for me i'm happy that i'm sticking it out for the full year as I set out to do . I've also been doing lots and lots of traveling with my partner of course living life and growing to better myself as a person .

Lately i've been getting here and there tweets and emails from a few of you guys asking about my artwork and graphics thinking that i've abandoned that part of me when the truth is I honestly just don't have the drive or inspiration to sit down and do any . ever since I removed myself from a bad working situation with a clothing line in which shall not be named i've lost all inspiration and have nothing fresh to give right now; but that has in fact allowed me to tap into my other talents one of which is baking and making scrumptious treats which lead me to start my Sweets By Steez business creating everything from fresh cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecakes and tons more to sit here and name .

I want to get back into blogging like I used to from day to day so to start that back up i'm going to answer a few most asked questions I get in emails, tweets or on my instagram until next time while I think of some cool content to give you guys!

How old are you?

How long have you been baking?
I've been baking since I was old enough to use an oven and know what i'm doing in the kitchen .

Do you have a snapchat?
Yeah and no . I have one but I don't use it .

Do you and your boyfriend want children?
Yes, we do .

Do you still customize denim jackets/vests? I lived for your studded ones!
Wow! I haven't designed any in a long time but if I was asked to do some i'd definitely jump back into it!

Do you still have your little white dog?
Yes I still have Cody .

When are you putting out new graphics? you used to put out new shit every day day pretty much.
I'm not sure when i'll be releasing any new graphics as I started above I don't have any inspiration or feel for it but maybe that will change sooner or later.

Do you still design for Cupcake Mafia?

Are you still into reality TV?
HELL YEAH i'm still into reality TV was that a real question!?

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