Bye Bye Summer .

by - 9/23/2017 07:04:00 PM

Let's start by pressing play on this Cardi B song as it was the song of summer 2017 and letting it rock while you read this post.

Summer 2017 has been absolutely amazing to me and I've had some of the best fun I've had in a while from all the rooftop parties, My boyfriend hosting Mixxy Thursday's an after hour turn up every Thursday evening, Munching at Beauty & Essex , Getting boozed up off some bomb ass ice cream with bae at Tipsy Scoop, Random ass city adventures with friends and family, Hosting my pop up shop for my business Sweets by Steez and getting everyone DRUNK off my spiked drinks, Having dope ass picnics, Fashion Week and much much more. Hopefully some of these photos give you a feel of what i'm talking about and if not then no worries you can join me on my adventures by following me on my Instagram @bombsteez & follow me on Snapchat SLICKLILSTEEZ

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