King Steez is BACK!

by - 9/19/2017 03:20:00 PM

I'm home, its raining, i'm smoking hookah and listening to some Frank Ocean and I thought it was the perfect time to revamp and let you all know that i'm officially back and going to be blogging often now. I'm sorry to my old viewers who have been following me since this was a "pop culture & ratchet" blog under the name of Girls and Cupcakes. Funny now because i'm gay lol but thank you for still being here and to my new viewers. . . welcome to the show, please keep all hands and feet inside and please enjoy the ride.
I'm known for being a celebrity graphic designer but I've low key retired from it (really but not really) and i'm now a full time baker and private chef. I have an amazing boyfriend of almost 6 years who is in fact thee love of my life 100 times over who if you haven't met you will in the next post as I'm going to properly introduce him to all of you and you'll 9 times out of 10 see me post photos of us all over this blog as well as other things I enjoy of course such as music, gossip, my life and all that good stuff. Im also going to be sharing my food, sweets and treats up here too with you guys so stay tuned!

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