by - 9/19/2017 08:38:00 PM

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I know i'm late to the entire party but when I tell you this is one of my all time favorite shows as of 3 weeks ago. My best friend had been telling me to check this show out since for ever and 3 weeks ago I decided to binge watch all 7 seasons up to date. This show is soooo fuckin' good and hilarious it makes absolutely no sense. My favorite characters are Carl, Debbie & V. Frank is annoying as fuck and pissed me off every episode but he's always on the hunt to scam for some money just literally willing to risk it all. Vee and Kevin's sexual relationship is mind blowing and I couldn't even believe the amount of sex I watched while watching this show which makes it all better LOL and it was even worst when they brought in Svetlana. Ian and Lip are so relatable its crazy . . . minus some of the extreme shit that both go through but if you watched the show you know what I mean. Debbie is a little whore. Fiona is just trying to get by and little Liam the BLACK brother of this white family is just so cute but hes a disaster waiting to happen I can already see it it now!

I can't wait for the next season to start November 5th which will be a bomb ass night for TV because Real Housewives of Atlanta & Married to Medicine starts the same night!

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